Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saint of the Hungry

What you've never heard of Norman Borlaug. Interesting because over a billion people in this world owe him their lives, and more will certainly be recipients of his extraordinary work. To begin with he was a scientist that knew with our growing world more places needed to be able to grow food. He went to Mexico and there through cross breeding (before genetic manipulation) developed a strain of wheat that was drought and disease tolerant. In a few short years Mexico began to actually export wheat to the world. Then he did the same in India, and Pakistan. He didn't give his results to a big multinational corporation, though there were many offers, he gave his results to the world. He fed people that were starving. He created something known as the Green Revolution, and changed the way other scientists looked at world problems. He was a selfless, hardworking, brilliant scientist that dedicated his life to helping feed the hungry of the world. Yeah I would say that makes him a saint of science. Today we remember Norman Borlaug, the Saint of Science of the Hungry.